"... the splendid Margaret Field." - Sunday Times

"AHEAD OF THE FIELD" - "I have had the good fortune of hearing most of the finest singers of my time, but none possesses a more beautiful voice than last night's soprano soloist Margaret Field.   Her singing of items from Schumann's Myrthen was absolutely gorgeous, her diction impeccable and she characterised the songs perfectly.   Equally satisfying were her Wolf items and her vocalising in the Turina songs was quite sumptuous ..."        - Sheffield Star

"... this golden-voiced Australian soprano ..."  - Sheffield Morning Telegraph

"... a tremendous part for solo soprano sung with eloquence and accuracy by Margaret Field."  - Guardian

"Margaret Field's recital of Cabaret Songs....was a highlight of the (Huddersfield Contemporary Music) Festival."  -Music and Musicians.

"From the decadence of the ripely-sung "Columbine" to the cool fervour of "The Waiting Moon", Miss Field blended technical expertise with emotional sympathy in an expressive and expansive reading."  - Yorkshire Post

"... soprano Margaret Field moving from style to style with aplomb."   - The Scotsman

"Margaret a brilliant soprano, attractive and lively in all she does."  - Yorkshire Post

"... the musical high-points were songs of Rakhmaninov and the Blok settings of Shostakovich, whose expression was beautifully judged by Margaret Field".   - Classical Music

"Tippett's song-cycle The Heart's Assurance was interpreted with skill, imagination and sensitivity by the soprano Margaret Field and pianist Sally Mays."  - The Guardian

"... thoughtful string-playing, a fitting prelude to the singing of soprano Margaret Field in the closing Vision of Heaven (Fourth Symphony).  Hers is a voice of heart and warmth, mellow and yet capable of matching the caprices of Mahler's scoring.  It would be hard to imagine a better end to a superb concert."   - The Australian

"... the resplendently stratospheric Margaret Field." (Patterson: Te Deum)   - Birmingham Post

"Margaret Field ... gave us a positively exquisite Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit.  Indeed it was Miss Field who was to ultimately provide the overwhelming highlight of the evening as the soprano soloist in Poulenc's jolly, strikingly original setting of the Gloria.  This was glorious singing, by turn sublime and ethereal, and always full of characterful phrasing."   - Yorkshire Post

MARGARET FIELD - SOPRANO OF THE HIGHEST CLASS. ....Margaret Field, the soloist of the evening, proved to be a soprano of the highest class  ....The result was not only the best performance of the evening, it was also a profound and, above all, a personal interpretation of Strauss, in which Margaret Field's noble-sounding soprano was used handsomely to just the right effect.  Above all the performance was a fitting tribute to the glorious music of Strauss. (Vier Letzte Lieder).   - Turun Sanomat, Finland (translated by Erkki Arni)

Gorecki's 3rd Symphony:- "Before the Scottish premiere of the symphony on Tuesday, we were told from the platform that Gorecki had sent a message of goodwill to the performers - most notably Margaret Field, the soprano he declared to be his favourite in the work.  I believe he would have been delighted with the performance."  (See PLATFORM ANNOUNCEMENT below) - The Scotsman

"... and soprano Margaret Field sang movingly with a creamy, soft opulence. A spellbinding experience."  - Glasgow Herald

"The most important participant in the symphony is the performer of the vocal part.  It is often the case that it is precisely the singer who fails to match the level of the music and the musicians accompanying her, especially when opera singers tackle Mahler or Berg, seeming to see no further than the notes of the music.  For Margaret Field they were not just notes, but music through which the notes were experienced.  Unity of feeling and the highest technical mastery were shown to be the guarantee of a successful performance."   Vesti, Jerusalem (translated from the Russian)

"Margaret Field deserved special compliments.  Her performance was marvellous, marvellous, marvellous.  The length of the breath she needed for the piece was not only technical; her excellent control, perfect intonation and colourful voice gave her the possibility to blend with the orchestra and not to be swallowed by it.   This was yet more evidence of her technical and artistic greatness."  - Jerusalem newspaper (translated from the Hebrew by Sara Raz)

"Her warm voice caused the audience to tremble"  - another Jerusalem paper, translator as above

"Margaret Field's performance was very exciting and perfect in all aspects of voice and music.  It was one of the best and most fascinating music experiences this season."  - and another

"Sperber's reading was outstanding and so was soprano Margaret Field, whose vocal beauty and deep involvement contributed decisively to the great success."  - Jerusalem Post

"Sheer delight from start to finish."-Musicweb Classical CD Reviews (CD: A Garland of Roses)

PLATFORM ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE HALL MANAGER PRIOR TO THE SCOTTISH PREMIERE AT THE GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL (ROYAL NATIONAL SCOTTISH ORCHESTRA):- "Mr Gorecki has just telephoned from Poland and asked me first of all to thank you for being the audience at this, the Scottish premiere, and secondly to pass on his good wishes to Margaret Field who, in his words, would always be his first choice for the work."



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